Zero-waste plates made entirely from leaves

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German company, Leaf Republic, has taken a vernacular culinary tradition to new heights, creating visually pleasing disposable tableware entirely from leaves. The plates comprise of three leaf layers, stitched together using 100% biodegradable palm fibre, pressed into shape. All components of the plates and bowls are completely natural: no glue, preservatives or plastic anywhere in the manufacturing process. 

Leaf Republic’s tableware is not only aesthetically appealing, but also surprisingly resilient. The plates have a shelf-life of about a year and a half and, when used with dry foods such as chips or other snacks, can be reused multiple times before finding their way into your compost pile. After use, the items decompose within 28 days. When asked about the inspiration for this product range, Leaf Republic responded with an acknowledgement of future generations’ environmental needs – talk about forward thinking!

Beginning in the living room of its founders, Pedram Zolgadri and Carolin Fiechter, Leaf Republic is now seeking other investors to help scale up and automate production. If their current success is anything to go by, the future certainly looks brighter (and greener) for everyone involved.