World Meteorological Day

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This year’s theme for World Meteorological Day, as set by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), is ‘understanding clouds’. According to the WMO, clouds play a pivotal role in weather forecasts and warnings, and have also inspired many an artist and poet throughout history. Take, for
example, the Cloud Appreciation Society: their website features various forms of art (oil, ink, acrylic etc.) which draw inspiration from and/or depict cloud forms.
In light of yesterday having been World Water Day, we thought it fitting to share with you some good news on World Meteorological Day too. The WMO has announced the launch of a newly revised International Cloud Atlas, with superior images, newly added classifications and information on other meteorological phenomena such as rainbows, snow devils and hailstones. This comes as a major advancement in the world of aviation and shipping, as the Atlas is used to train pilots and skippers and inform the regulation of transportation processes, emergency responses and more. A culmination of effort from global communities, the Atlas includes discourse on climate sensitivity – a triumphant moment for activists and climate change ambassadors the world over.
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