Why everyone loves The Kandasamys

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Having raked in over R4 million at the box office, this proudly South African production has captured the hearts of tens of thousands of viewers, even being followed closely by international communities. ‘Keeping up with the Kandasamys’ is the relatable tale of family life in one of South Africa’s predominantly Indian neighbourhoods, as was designated during the implementation of the Group Areas Act. In just its opening weekend, tickets sold out at multiple cinemas across the country and, now in its third week on circuit, more screens have been added.

While being a movie the entire family can enjoy, we’ve noticed a few more reasons that could have contributed to its success. Director, Jayan Moodley, of ‘White Gold’ fame successfully walks viewers through intricate nuances of family life within the Chatsworth community of Durban. By simulating identical highs and lows through natural scripting and intense character development, her vision for a classy yet equally hilarious depiction of a family rivalry has been perfectly achieved.

Moodley’s work, along with her star-studded team’s, provides an amusing insight to the reality that many families live through on a daily basis. Being relatable, funny and incorporating the right amount of drama makes this movie a winning mix and has strengthened South Africa’s position in the international arena of entertainment. What a stellar advancement for our country’s artistic professionals, and a fantastic representation of South African life!

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