Van Niekerk strikes again!

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Years of intense training have been paying off for the South African sprinter and middle-distance runner, Wayde van Niekerk. Since smashing the world record at the last Olympic games, van Niekerk has constantly been in the limelight for his follow-up successes. It seems he is at the peak of his sporting career, as his latest victory comes in the form of a record-breaking 300m dash.

The 24yo set a new record time of 30.81s at the Golden Spike, held in Mestsky Stadium in the north-eastern Czech city of Ostrava. American athlete, Michael Johnson, held the previous world record of 30.85s. Some say it’s ironic that Johnson had set that record on South African soil (in Pretoria, 2000) while the South African who broke that best did so out of home grounds.

Wade Van Niekerk, The Good News Company

Wayde Van Niekerk. As seen on: AthleticsWeekly

Just as Johnson held stardom throughout an excellent sporting career, van Niekerk is taking over slowly and steadily. This isn’t the first time he’s broken a Johnson record and it’s likely that the trend will continue.


“I have been improving in each and every one of my events so it is a great step for the year and I am feeling quite confident for the rest of the year.” – W. van Niekerk.

Wade Van Niekerk, The Good News Company

Wade Van Niekerk. As seen on: Sports24

Of course, along with world records being broken, come meet records and extra bragging rights. This time, van Niekerk broke the meet record previously held by Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt. With another huge victory for himself and his country, South African runner, Wayde van Niekerk, has his sights locked onto the 400m in Lausanne, Switzerland, on July 6th 2017. Share this article if you’re just as proud of Wayde, and don’t forget to send in your stories for the chance to be featured.