Unemployed Cape Town residents granted transport subsidy

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Another huge milestone for the City of Cape Town‘s success comes in the form of a generous subsidy which will assist unemployed individuals. Those on their way to job interviews, auditions and social development meetings may now travel free-of-charge on the city’s bus routes. The subsidy currently stands at R6.6m and will permit off-peak travel to those in need, between 10h00 and 15h30 every day.

Dependents of the newly introduced subsidy will need to obtain a MyConnect card in order to benefit and may travel on the well-managed MyCiTi bus network. Bus fare across Cape Town increased in December 2016, making it even more difficult for unemployed residents to attend job interviews and screenings, or even visit the Department of Labour to seek assistance. Recognising that unemployment in itself is a trigger for socially deviant behaviour, the City of Cape Town is going all out to empower local residents. 

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This outstanding news comes as a relief for many of Cape Town’s communities given the fact that transport costs rule out working in other suburbs of the city, and job opportunities are more concentrated toward hubs that do not offer affordable residence.

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