The Tsitsikamma Forest

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Following on from our first article about the uKhahlamba Drakensberg mountains, today we bring you the best news about South Africa’s second national wonder: The Tsitsikamma National Park. Reigning as one of the world’s most idyllic coastal forests, the bustling ecosystem displays some of South Africa’s greatest wildlife and natural beauties. Its ancient secrets come together with local modernity to offer an unforgettable experience which has tourists flocking here from all over the world, all throughout the year.

Located along the coast of The Eastern Cape province of South Africa, the Tsitsikamma belongs to a greater network which creates the Garden Route National Park. The actual span of the sanctuary expands into the Western Cape and envelopes more of South Africa’s landscape northward. Sporting the world’s highest commercial bungee jumping site, at Bloukrans Bridge, the scenery is nearly ethereal, as reported by many of the locals.

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Image source: Tsitsikamma-org

Lesser known facts about the Tsitsikamma include that it is South Africa’s largest marine reserve and its indigenous rain forest is a sanctuary for over 100 species of trees alone. This includes giants like the Outeniqua Yellow Wood, of which there is one specimen that is considered “The Big Tree’. At a height of over 36m and with a base circumference of 9m, this colossal natural beauty is testament to the kind of wonders that await one when meandering through the national park.

If you find yourself lucky enough to either plan a trip or show up spontaneously and experience the wonder of the Tsitsikamma, be sure to look out for the acclaimed Top 5 sights, according to Siyabona Africa:

  • Dolphins and porpoises
  • African Black Oystercatcher
  • Knysna Loerie
  • Cape Clawless Otter
  • Blue Duiker
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Image sources: Elelur, Birds of Eden, The Flacks, Garden Route Meander and WikiMedia

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