TGNC lunchbox ideas: quick, easy & cost-effective!

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We’ve shared tips on how to inspire children to make healthier choices, and brought you the global lunchbox revolution details. We thought it only fitting that we dive right in to lend you a helping hand with these 3 lunchbox ideas. The good news: all options are healthy and quick to prepare. The great news: no option will cost you more than R30 to serve up!*

1- Classic tuna salad sandwich

If you’ve got mayo, cucumbers, onions or tomatoes at home, these are great to add into the mix for some texture and flavour.

2- Rice Bowl with Egg & Avo

Great for protein and cardiovascular support, this won’t take you more than 5mins to prepare in the morning, as long as you’ve cooked your rice the day before, or you have leftovers from dinner.

3- Vegetarian sandwiches

Shake things up a little and don’t be afraid to use natural spreads (like hummus or olive tapenade). It might be different at first, but worth it when the taste tests are over! If you’re in the mood, you could even use a vegetable peeler and roll the cucumber slices around the feta cheese.

Try these ideas or share your own with us and stand the chance of being featured. Let’s work together to help our communities make healthier choices with ease.

*Prices at the time of writing have been verified through Pick n Pay’s online shopping portal and may have changed without notice