Tennessee pushes for free Community College tuition

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Tennessee Governor, Bill Haslam, has received remarkable support for his proposal of tuition-free Community College education for all adults, regardless of income or academic history. Seen as one step further to the previously implemented bill, providing free tuition for high-school graduates, this proposal recognises the needs of individuals who do not hold high-school graduate status.

“We need to reach the working mother that went to college but didn’t complete, or the son with sons of his own who like his dad never went to college but knows that he needs to upgrade his skills,” Haslam stated. The proposed bill will be put to vote during the state’s General Assembly later in 2017 and has become coined as ‘The Tennessee Promise’ which won’t even cost taxpayers a dime, as it is set to be funded by state lottery reserves.

If voted in, Haslam’s proposed bill would provide educational development for more than 2 million individuals, creating a surge in the skilled labour market and offering employment and business opportunities to so many more. The concept has taken root in other states as well, inspiring examination of the proposal for the adaptation to local communities elsewhere in the United States of America.