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Cape Town desalination plant, The Good News Company

Almost there: hope for Cape Town residents

Pushing forward, as always, the Mother City is expected to handle its business by August 2017, as far as water shortages are concerned. With restrictions placing more and more pressure on businesses and homesteads, the announcement of the city’s first desalination plant’s completion comes as

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WWF leads SA on a #JourneyOfWater

There’s no doubt that water scarcity has been the number one concern for millions of South Africans in recent months. Some communities continue to pray for rain where the drought has struck unrelenting damage. Amid all this horror, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

SANDF help clean Bloemfontein Zoo

On every social media channel, the spirit of South Africa has been praised, and for good reason! Just weeks ago, members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) took it upon themselves to attend to the neglected Bloemfontein Zoo. Swiftly and thoroughly, every pen

World Water Day with

The most precious and most powerful resource in the world, water is fast becoming a scarce commodity for millions of people around the world. In light of major droughts, flash floods, pollution and wastage, organisations like have begun to make a genuine impact among