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Adapting school lunches for better health

We recently published an article about how to inspire healthy eating in children. Parents always face the mammoth task of forcing vegetables down the throats of stubborn toddlers, the world over, but we recognised the fact that involvement and education had more to do with

Inspiring healthy eating in children

Approximately 14% of South African primary school students are overweight. The shocking statistic has been overlooked by hundreds of thousands of families, to date, which is why we’re sharing these super-easy ways to inspire your children to make healthier choices. Don’t forget to share this

Pioneer Foods gives back in a big way

Pioneer Foods is one of South Africa’s (and Southern Africa’s) biggest food manufacturers and distributors. Their latest success comes from rolling out their coveted School Breakfast Nutrition Programme in KwaZulu Natal. The localised programme will see an additional 5000 KZN students receive a nutritious breakfast