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Cape Town desalination plant, The Good News Company

Almost there: hope for Cape Town residents

Pushing forward, as always, the Mother City is expected to handle its business by August 2017, as far as water shortages are concerned. With restrictions placing more and more pressure on businesses and homesteads, the announcement of the city’s first desalination plant’s completion comes as

A look inside the Litterati

Inspired by an earnest reaction from his daughter on a family outing, Jeff Kirschner used his Instagram account to document his journey of picking up litter for several weeks. After speaking openly about his endeavour, he gained popularity among the Instagram community – not only

‘Meerkat System’ outs rhino poachers in SA

A new kind of surveillance technology has been dubbed ‘The Meerkat System’. It comprises of specialised long-range optic fibre elements which enhance night-vision and enable rangers to identify poachers from longer distances. South African National Parks (SANParks) Special Rangers response team recently tested the system

Finally, a newspaper you can plant.

100% sustainable, a Japanese national daily newspaper company has developed a material that is printable and extremely eco-friendly. Mainichi Shimbunsha, national newspaper, has introduced the world to ‘Green Newspaper’ that can be planted into the ground as a form of disposal. While the concept is