Surfing off the streets and into the record books

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Alfonso Peters, 27, will head to the World Surf League Men’s and Women’s Longboard International Event in Papua New Guinea in March 2017. Winning the Tiger’s Milk Winter Classic longboarding competition in 2016, Peters surpassed two-time world champion (also from SA), Matthew Moir. Peters originally hails from  Mitchell’s Plein and later moved to Manenberg after losing his father.

“I was in trouble. I wasn’t going to school and started hanging out with the wrong friends, they taught me the wrong things,” Alfonso says.


He later took up residence at Beautiful Gate, a shelter based in Muizenberg, and attended School of Hope. Through the school’s dedicated work, and a collaborative community programme, Peters discovered surfing and immediately fell in love.

“You can just get out there and not worry about a thing. The only thing you worry about is the next wave coming. You can be free out there!” Says Alfonso.

His perseverance and positive attitude has helped him claim championship fame and achieve his dream of competing internationally.