South African Sasol League underway

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The Sasol League championship tournament is now well underway, as the roadshow passed through Welkom on Saturday 27 May. South African national soccer team, Banyana Banyana, have expressed 100% support for the tournament, which aims at providing a sturdy platform for local sportswomen to grow in their respective careers. In addition to Sasol’s corporate social investment activities, Banyana Banyana coach, Desiree Ellis, has imparted her wisdom upon smaller league coaches and educational institutions as well.

Since first joining forces in 2009, the South African Football Association (SAFA) and energy corporate, Sasol, have successfully created a system of support and encouragement for women in sport. The Sasol League is now well-received by members of the public, as the nation’s premier soccer league for women. Including a total of over 140 teams from all nine provinces, the impact upon equality in recreation has been stupendous.

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Image source: Sasol League

Engaging over 2500 sporting women, the championship creates an exciting opportunity to participate in a competitive environment. The tournament also gives Banyana Banyana coaches and scouting agents a great insight to the rising talent from all regions of the country. To learn more about fixtures near you, and grab the latest results, follow or tweet to the official account @SasolLeague.

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