SA female mayors lead fight against climate change

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Converting words into action, female leaders from across the world, including the Mayors of Durban and Cape Town, came together at the Women4Climate conference in New York City on 15 March 2017. Their aim: deliver on the objectives of the Paris Agreement, designed to combine the efforts of over 80 countries in tackling carbon emissions and energy efficiency issues.

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Collectively representing over 100 million urban citizens, more than 15 female leaders from major metropolitan cities joined hands to pledge their support to taking action in accordance with the Paris Agreement. The agreement involves over 80 countries which account for more than 60% of total global emissions, signalling major commitment to change from grassroots level policies which impact levels of awareness, scope and depth of knowledge as well as genuine engagement from global communities.

Although there is much work to be done, and only time will indicate the plan’s level of success, this conference is a significantly positive event for climate activists and women in leadership across the globe. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram to receive more updates or let us know how you’re tackling climate change in your own way.