Shave time off your morning routine with these simple tips!

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There are some mornings that, no matter how well you try to plan in advance, life throws you a curveball. What makes it worse, though, is when you’ve got to scramble around inside your cupboards to choose appropriate clothes for the day or still attend to lunch [or, dare we say, prepare to fork out at least R20 for decent nourishment, come midday]. We’ve put together a few simple time-saving techniques to help you start every day the right way:

1- Check the next day’s weather
It might seem strange, but if you’re relying on public transport or lift clubs, and have to wait in any open space, this saves you running around to find your umbrella, raincoat or poncho.

Timesaving tips, check the weather, umbrellas and rain

Image source: Kabiraj

2-Check your wardrobe
Make sure your uniform or appropriate clothes are clean, neat and ready to wear. You could save up to seven minutes just by picking a pair of shoes the night before!

3-Lunch prep
Foods like rice, beans or lentils need a little extra effort so soak and boil them a day in advance. You can always check out The Good News Company’s lunchbox ideas for some refreshing mealtime ideas.

Boil rice the night before

Image source: Thumbs.Mic

4-Fuel up or check your transit pass
Make sure you fuel up on your way home so you don’t need to waste time in the morning. If you’re on public transport, visit ATMs during lunch and keep enough change for at least one more ride home. Double check your bus, train or tram passes are still valid for another week, and miss those nightmarish queues!

5-Set up a smoothie stash
This one’s great if you’re trying to stay healthy while avoiding morning setbacks. Blend up smoothies in advance, the evening before, and store them in glass bottles for the morning’s run. Decant into your re-usable thermos and you’re doing good for both yourself and the planet!

6-Phone, wallet, keys
Whatever you do, never forget this mantra. As long as you’re not heading for the wilderness, having these items on you could potentially be lifesaving. Charge up your phone or keep a cable in your car and you won’t stress about where you’ve forgotten your charger.