SANDF help clean Bloemfontein Zoo

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On every social media channel, the spirit of South Africa has been praised, and for good reason! Just weeks ago, members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) took it upon themselves to attend to the neglected Bloemfontein Zoo. Swiftly and thoroughly, every pen was cleaned and the animals actually expressed their gratitude, too.

Due to the Municipal strike affecting the area, the Bloemfontein Zoo was caught between striking workers and those dedicated to ensuring the animals did not suffer. Because the bare minimum was being done, a number of pens, pathways and the refuse removal had not been attended to. SANDF stepped in as heroes and literally swept and raked up leaves, picked up plastic bottles and snack wrappers, and did their best to soothe the baby hippo, whose pen had run out of water. 

Bloemfontein Zoo clean-up, SANDF, The Good News Company

Image source: OFM

This kind of selfless take-charge and help-out behaviour has shown itself time and time again, and South Africans continue to triumph against anything in their way. The Bloemfontein community’s love and genuine compassion for the animals in the care of the zoo is evident in their support of this initiative. Many residents have encouraged inspections by the local SPCA officers, to ensure that none of the animals endure starvation or lack of medical attention, especially during the strike.

Image source: OFM

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