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With the chaos running rampant on South African Twitter feeds, it sure felt great to see #JobAdviceSA trending on the evening on Monday 29 May. In a marvelous digital display of the fighting South African spirit, organisations and individuals took to their social media platforms to both offer and seek advice for approaching the nation’s job market. A number of entrepreneurial platforms, like the Awethu Project, were also brought to light.

While many have seen the exit of Stuttafords and General Motors as a disappointment, a few South Africans have turned the tables and instead have seen an unprecedented opportunity for locals to surge forward with business development. Using social media for good, the purpose it was originally created for, has seen many businesses identify worthy employees, and vice versa. A number of radio personalities and even the City of Johannesburg got behind the online movement to add humour, and encourage South Africans to keep striving for better.

In addition to #JobAdviceSA, East Coast Radio’s #30SecCV has also featured in the trend list for many weeks. The independent KwaZulu-Natal broadcaster has worked on ways of connecting employers with employees with an outstanding success rate. The DJs regularly request listeners submit 30sec CVs via WhatsApp voice notes, another instant messaging platform being used for positive gains among community members. Selected audio CVs are played on air, for employers to then contact the radio house with any offers that match the skill-set being aired. 

Both efforts come as fantastic news for job seekers across South Africa. Employers are still able to contact East Coast Radio if able to assist with employment, and #JobAdviceSA hopes to trend every Monday at the very least. Interested in other remarkable South African initiatives? Click here to read about The Red Wings Project or catch up on Dr Little: South Africa’s ‘Green Oscar’ winner!