SA student ‘donates’ R90k bursary

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A current third year student of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) has declined a performance bursary of R90 000, citing that someone else needs it more than him. Enrolled in a BSc Computer Science degree, the generous young man shared his understanding of what R90 000 could do for someone who had to fight daily battles to pay their bills. Wishing to remain anonymous, the student encouraged the university to announce on its website that a bursary had become available to someone in need.


To understand the magnitude of the young man’s generosity, it’s worth looking at the actual bursary value. The BankSeta bursary award covers tuition‚ books‚ accommodation and a food allowance, all of which comes to R90k. Professor Jean Greyling, a lecturer at NMMU, stated her pleasant surprise upon learning of her student’s reaction to the bursary and that his maturity and generosity were evident in his actions.

In a final comment, the student mentioned that it doesn’t matter how big or small the contribution could be, there will always be an opportunity to be kind and show love, and that everyone should open their hearts to doing so.