SA enters @PlasticFreeJuly

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3 July marks International Plastic Bag Free Day, and South Africans have come together to show their support. Rethink The Bag tweeted their sale of non-plastic bags in partnership with the 2 Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, and other activists, community members and organisations seem to have joined the party. Share your tips for eliminating plastic bags and you could be featured, too!

For as little as R10, Rethink The Bag is selling non-plastic alternatives that are more durable, more sustainable and create more employment for local communities. Considering that plastic bags now cost an average of 60c each at grocery stores, even Checkers and Shoprite have joined the movement to encourage people to save by saying no to plastic. Cost-effective and friendlier on our planet, there’s really no reason to hang on to shoddy quality plastic bags.