Rave reviews about Tuta-Me app

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In a world so dynamic that books become obsolete less than 12 months after publication, genius founders of a mobile application have unlocked the secret to effective and relevant student assistance. More than 200 South African students now possess access to Tuta-Me: a mobile application designed entirely with students in mind.

In just over 12 months of intense research and development, painstaking tests and trial runs, Abed Tau and Dylan Hyslop achieved a significant feat by launching an application which would let students easily connect with tutors from the comfort of their own homes and smartphones. Tau admitted that a peripheral aim of the project was to create micro-entrepreneurs in those who had knowledge and experience to share. At the time of writing this article, over 1000 South Africans were registered as credible tutors on the application, ready and willing to help students overcome their learning challenges.

Securing runner-up title in the 2016 #HackJoziChallenge, Tuta-Me was entered as a useful digital tool for residents of Johannesburg. The challenge was run as a collaborative effort between City of Johannesburg, University of the Witwatersrand and the Jo’burg Centre for Software Engineering. Head over to Google Play Store to download the application at no cost and enjoy quick and easy access to credible tutors you can pay with e-wallet.