Over R100k in relief for Knysna fire victims

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Throughout the world South Africans have developed a reputation for having the greatest level of compassion for others. This was proved true once again as local retailer Pick n Pay (PnP) set up a nationwide initiative to donate food items, blankets and clothing to the injured and displaced families in Knysna. Shoppers may either leave items at collection points in Western Cape stores or use the online shopping tools to have parcels made up and sent to community centres.

On Thursday 8 June 2017 PnP tweeted images along with a confirmation that R100k had been donated by the company, itself:

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The retailer is widely known for its commitment to assisting with social development projects on a regular basis, and has also shown outstanding support for communities during previous disasters. One such example is the continued collection of pet food for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The big-hearted business has made clear that it will deliver all online orders to places of safety for the Knysna fire victims.

While videos of the destruction and mayhem have made the rounds on social media, PnP has welcomed this as a call to the unaffected South Africans to step forward to donate. Aware that not all areas of the blaze are under control yet, many have expressed appreciation for this outstanding show of concern from fellow citizens. A list of priority items has been uploaded to PnP’s website where shoppers can donate baby food, blankets, non-perishables, clothing, pet food and basic medication to help combat the symptoms of exposure and close proximity to the fires. 

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Other incredible initiatives to help the affected families include DHL’s free delivery to Knysna, for any relief items being sent from across the country. Closer to the region of the blaze, a local businessman has converted his coffee shop into a space where victims may use Internet facilities to contact their loved ones, since the storm and fire destroyed the supply of electricity and telephone services as well. 

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Image source: Akira Ramraj

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