Pioneer Foods gives back in a big way

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Pioneer Foods is one of South Africa’s (and Southern Africa’s) biggest food manufacturers and distributors. Their latest success comes from rolling out their coveted School Breakfast Nutrition Programme in KwaZulu Natal. The localised programme will see an additional 5000 KZN students receive a nutritious breakfast before beginning their school days, truly empowering them to succeed.

As the saying goes, it’s impossible to teach a hungry child. Pioneer Foods, prior to launching in KZN, had already been making a vital difference in the lives of over 20 000 South African students by providing balanced breakfast meals. The current expansion proves the programme’s success and ability to help eliminate even just one stress for already-strained families and homesteads.

Pioneer Foods CSI, School Breakfast Nutrition Programme

As seen on Pioneer Foods

A programme like this takes a lot of planning – late nights, early mornings and a few pretty long road trips to make sure that our learners get the best breakfast for their growth and development. In the distribution system are vitamin and mineral enriched cereals like ProNutro and Bokomo Corn Flakes along with White Star maize meal porridge for proudly South African tastebuds.

By providing a meal with the right amount of nutritional value, Pioneer Foods is investing in our future leaders. Being able to concentrate in the classroom is now no longer a challenge for many more of our nation’s youth in need – well done, Pioneer Foods!

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