Pineapple leather a popular trend

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Leather expert, Carmen Hijosa, initially noticed a high level of wastage in the Phillipines. The country’s agribusiness inspired her to convert its pineapple leaf waste into an alternative form of leather. Pinatex is the result of seven years of her intense research and development programmes and is a hit with the vegan community.

By upcycling pineapple leaves into a strong and reliable alternative leather option, Pinatex directly reduces animal cruelty incidents and the volume of waste which ends up in landfills. The new-age fabric is suitable for use in shoes, bags and accessories as well as aeroplane and motor vehicle seats, trims and more. An additional positive is that the fabric is also 100% biodegradeable – a surefire win for the fashion world, the second largest contributor to global pollution, compared to the plastic industry.



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