Norway leads elimination of fossil fuels

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Norway’s Minister of Climate and Environment recently announced that the country was well underway to eliminating its use of fossil fuels on its road network. In the first two months of 2017, electric and hybrid cars, combined, made up for over 50% of new vehicle registrations. These numbers indicate the nation’s progress in reducing carbon emissions and potentially eradicating them completely.

In order to motivate communities to choose electric or hybrid vehicles, Norway’s government provides a remarkable incentive and support structure. Those who make the switch, or purchase new-age vehicles to begin with, are exempt from almost all related taxes, enjoy free passage through tolls, ferry routes and in public parking facilities. The incentives have clearly been working as Norway registered it’s 100 000th new-age vehicle in December 2016.

Since 2012, when the objective was first announced, Norway has made tremendous progress toward realising its aim of reducing carbon emissions of new vehicles to 85g/km. From 133g/km five years ago, to today’s 88g/km, the nation stands as testament to what can be accomplished through a successful strategy and a collective effort.