No more ‘lunch-shaming’ for Seattle students

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We often see memes about dads being superheroes. This sensational dad has earned the title by going all out to help children avoid the embarrassing issue of lunch debt at a school in Seattle, Washington. After coming across several stories about ‘lunch-shaming’ at his son’s school, Jeffery Lew began a GoFundMe campaign to resolve the lunch debt of just over $97 (about R1250).

In only a few days, Lew met his target and was able to pay off the lunch debt for his son’s fellow students. Something inside him, however, encouraged him to keep going. As you can guess, Lew expanded his initiative to include public schools across Seattle which he knew were catering for many disadvantaged students. 

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Lew’s vision to help 99 schools would require him to meet a target of $20k (+/- R260k). He quickly got to work, using social media and directly approaching influential people to show their support for the campaign. As his luck turned out, the posts went viral and in only three days, the greater target was exceeded as $22k (+/- R285) poured in from GoFundMe benefactors.


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Stating that the campaign’s success was an overwhelming experience, Lew took the stance that he was no superhero but just an ordinary dad who decided to ‘go online’. His next goal is to expand the campaign even further to assist all of Washington’s schools, and who knows how much further he could go with the help of kind-hearted people like you. The power of social media and good will, combined, is truly formidable!

“I want to keep this cause spreading, give back any way we can. Maybe we can cover the state of Washington or help other parents create campaigns for their school districts — bring this nationwide.” – J. Lew