Next step for Umlazi’s young hero

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Mfundo Radebe, in 2016, was awarded a R900k scholarship to attend Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His flawless academic and social investment record, for his age, have wowed esteemed professionals across the globe, especially in light of his personal background. Radebe is no stranger to the perils life dishes out, and yet he continues to triumph over and over again.

Radebe was raised by his single mother in the KwaZulu-Natal township location of Umlazi. Despite concerns of violence, gangsterism and more, his mother’s devotion motivated him to become something greater than what his daily environment would offer. With unrelenting determination and consistency, he matriculated from the prestigious AdVTech institute of Crawford College La Lucia with eight distinctions.

Mfundo Radebe, The Good News Company

Mfundo Radebe. Image source: Facebook

Travelling across the Atlantic Ocean, he has since been applying his outstanding work ethic toward a qualification in Political Science and Psychology. He now returns home to launch his very own project, which aims to aid disadvantaged learners across South Africa. He has labelled it Dlulisa which, among other things, can be interpreted as ‘to pass, or to transfer’ in isiZulu.

“The Dlulisa Initiative will truly make a big difference for South Africa. We already have significant commitments from private schools and companies to form those pivotal relationships that will allow the initiative to succeed. When I arrive in South Africa, the initiative will kick off and collections from the schools that have signed up will begin. We have also received several endorsements, including from Nobel Prize Laureate, Wole Soyinka.” – M. Radebe

The Dlulisa initiative aims to partner with organisations and affluent educational institutions, as opposed to relying solely on individual contributions which may fluctuate and thus adversely affect the programme’s evolution. Radebe is hopeful that his master plan will provide South African students with tools, equipment, stationery and other resources that were not readily available to him until he entered the Crawford College environment. In terms of his career, he has set himself on the path of Politics, hoping to make a positive impact at every possible level.

“By doing so, we also seek to create a network of accountable South Africans who will be making a difference. We allow our schools to track the difference they have made and to write personal messages of support to recipients. This is important. We are building an international advocacy campaign that will take these messages of support and the growth of the system that we will see to then fundraise internationally for the initiative, to ensure that we can get every single South African child the books and resources they need.”

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