Nelson Mandela Bay paves route to create 17 000 jobs

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Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB), Councillor Atholl Trolip, has overseen his administration’s focus on creating employment opportunities for the region’s residents. With the recent announcement of General Motors bowing out of South African shores, the municipal leaders have displayed true grit and unwavering devotion. By investigating successful job creation initiatives, as well as gaps that may be filled in service delivery, Mayor Trolip and his team are ready to bounce NMB back from an unfortunate slump in employment.

In an official statement on 21 May 2017, NMB Communications pinpointed that 17 289 job opportunities would be created over the 2017/2018 financial year. This fantastic news was elaborated upon with details of former projects which successfully indicated the economic potential for NMB: the Toyota forklift expansion, PWC call centre and the Dry Ice production plant being mentioned in particular. Confirming that the pressing situation in the region would create jobs in waste management, lighting, storm water and more infrastructure-related designations, NMB Communications acknowledged this as a temporary “stepping stone” to a stronger employment landscape.

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Image source: Herald Live

The statement went on to discuss the need for expansion in both the scope and depth of the job market in NMB:

“While the automotive sector is important for Nelson Mandela Bay, we are also developing ties with other sectors to give our economy greater width and reach. Agro-processing, Tourism, Sports Tourism, IT, Services and Food & Beverage are sectors that will flourish given the right environment. Diversifying the economy and facilitating a process of trans-skilling between sectors will take us a long way towards building a sustainable economic environment.”

The realisation that job opportunities need to be supported with sufficient and fully functional infrastructure comes as more Good News, signifying that the municipal leaders have solid business and management experience.