Mumbai beach restored by 2000 volunteers

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On the eve of World Environment Day 2017, 2000 volunteers grouped together to rid Versova Beach of more than 160t of trash. This astounding cleanup happened over a small stretch of shoreline, just 2km long. Led by Lawyer, Afroz Shah, the mass effort was a culmination of consistent environmental clean-up action over the previous 87 weekends.

Versova Beach, Mumbai, The Good News Company

Versova Beach, Mumbai. As seen on: nowthenlabel

The 2000 volunteers included school and college students, general members of the public, local businessmen, working professionals and even the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Going above and beyond, the volunteers added to the benefit of the ecosystem by planting more than 500 coconut trees in the same space. Over 100 of these trees were donated by UNEP.

Versova Beach after being cleaned, The Good News Company

Versova Beach after being cleaned. As seen on: HindustanTimes

Another 2500 trees are set to be planted in the area to create a “Coconut Lagoon” – a tourist hotspot and will also allow a source of income for local tradesmen.

“We will continue the clean up and will not rest until we free our ocean and beaches of marine litter.” – A. Shah