‘Meerkat System’ outs rhino poachers in SA

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A new kind of surveillance technology has been dubbed ‘The Meerkat System’. It comprises of specialised long-range optic fibre elements which enhance night-vision and enable rangers to identify poachers from longer distances. South African National Parks (SANParks) Special Rangers response team recently tested the system in the field and found that they were able to intercept poaching parties earlier and with greater accuracy.

What it means for the rangers is that their zero-harm policy can now be adhered to more often and more arrests, confiscation and interrogation can occur. While many ardent conservationists have expressed their enthusiasm at using arms against poachers, SANParks stresses that the laws of South Africa must be obeyed at all times.

The Kruger National Park hopes to achieve enough infrastructure for uninterrupted surveillance, allowing poachers to be identified and intercepted at all hours of the day. The park’s commitment to wildlife conservation has been highlighted through its support of the system’s development.