Mayor Mashaba walks the walk

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South Africans are all too familiar with politicians who make promises on the campaign trail. City of Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba, continues to prove that his is a leadership of servitude. On 3 July 2017, the Democratic Alliance released an official statement which covered the authorised raid of hijacked buildings in the inner city of Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Victims of brutal slumlord operations expressed their utmost gratitude and praise for Mayor Mashaba and the operation team which rescued them. Highlighting the collective effort to combat illegal activity in Johannesburg, the Democratic Alliance thanked the following institutions for contributing to upholding the law: City of Johannesburg Forensic and Investigation Service Unit; South African Police Service (SAPS); Department of Home Affairs; Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD); Emergency Management Services (EMS) and the City of Johannesburg’s Health, and Social, Departments.

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Image source: Kate Loves

Johannesburg residents seem overjoyed with the progress of rehabilitating the inner city region, and the steady return of the rule of law. In recent months, Mayor Mashaba and his administration have used social media as their weapon in identifying criminal acts which take place in such buildings, and have used geo-tagging metadata to root out which specific buildings require priority focus. Coupled with mobile applications that let citizens call for help in silence, it is undoubted that Johannesburg is moving forward in leaps and bounds thanks to strategic management and two-way community engagement.

The buildings on the receiving end of the raids, this time, were Vannin Court and Florence House. In the process of the sting, 23 undocumented foreign nationals were arrested for various offences, and some shop owners received hefty fines for selling customers expired goods. No ‘stone’ was left unturned as the law enforcement and social development teams swept the targeted areas. Mayor Mashaba offered a few words as comment:

“If we are going to turn around the decay of our inner city, it is vital that the rule of law is respected. I see the revitalisation of the inner city as key to ensuring economic growth and job creation in Joburg. I want to see rundown buildings turned into quality low cost housing for our residents and affordable rental spaces for small businesses.”