London launches The People’s Fridge

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Another prime example of successful crowd-funding: London has launched The People’s Fridge. Brixton, South London, is now home to a public refrigerator where businesses and residents can donate spare food instead of throwing it away. Operated by volunteers, the project tackles multiple social issues by encouraging sharing and community interaction.

The People’s Fridge is open to everyone, offering secure space for retailers, restaurants and individuals to share fresh food. Anyone can donate or collect and reviews have added that landfills would be slowed down and hunger would be eliminated if more people and businesses joined in.

Food can be brought in by anyone at any time of day, and must be signed in using the register. This allows the volunteers to monitor perishables and ensure that all available foods are safe to be taken out. Without any form of policing who donates or collects, there is no stigma attached to participating and nobody hangs a head in shame. In order to ensure that food items are being appropriately rotated, those collecting are asked to strike off their items from the register. Similar projects were launched in Spain, Germany and India and the Good News is that this trend is really embedding itself into places all over the world!