JHB Mayor sets a fine example for the world

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Muslim communities around the world celebrated Eid-al-Fitr over Sunday 25th and Monday 26th June 2017. As the Muslim faith continues to receive harsh criticism in Europe and the Americas, other countries and political leaders have made the concerted effort to show solidarity and love to Islamic communities. One such leader is Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba. 

Mayor Mashaba has featured on The Good News Company for a number of positive reasons already, and his message to the residents and employees of the City of Johannesburg has set a fine example for leaders across the world. South Africa is widely known as The Rainbow Nation for being a nation of tolerance and the spirit of Ubuntu, especially since becoming a democracy in 1994. Herman Mashaba’s consistency in delivering services to residents of his metropolis with sincerity, vision and pride have received praise from across the country and beyond.

Mayor Mashaba’s message clearly denotes a sense of compassion, understanding and respect for the cultural observations and sacrifices of the Muslim community. In addition, the statement waves the flag of peace and prosperity high amid international tensions. Share these sentiments? Share this article!