It’s all about balance

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A number of our recent blog posts highlighted the importance of balanced nutrition, what school lunches are being transformed into for improved student health and we shared a few delicious lunchbox ideas for those carrying lunch from home. Moving away from the nutritional elements, today we thought we would share some insight into what physical education classes are like, around the world. Brace yourself – this is one you won’t resist sharing!

  1. Newfoundland, Canada

    Physical education takes a strange twist sometimes. Newfoundland schools set time aside for students to manually blow as many balloons as they can in a single session. It might seem wacky but it sure builds up lung capacity!

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  2. Posadas, Argentina

    Remember hop-scotch? Not like this, you don’t. Full contact hop-scotch is a traditional school-time sensation in Posadas. Students gear up in uniform similar to American football and get tackled by classmates after passing the hop-lines. Talk about building strength and balance!

  3. Wisconsin, USA

    It’s always a special moment, teaching a child to ride a bicycle. Baraboo, a city in Wisconsin, shakes things up a little. Schools in this city offer up unicycle sessions as part of the school gym curriculum!

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  4. Cyprus, Middle East

    Hardly anyone can resist chuckling at their favourite cartoon characters slipping on banana peels. This same fun-filled response is elicited in Cyprus gym classes every so often when students are challenged to make their way from one end of the gymnasium to the other, walking over a floor covered in banana peels. Whether the balance, agility and strength form the main workout, or the cramps from the laughter of best friends, it’s one session that always scores 100% attendance.

  5. The Netherlands

    Last of all, the most unique physical education class. Schools in The Netherlands strap on snow-shoes for students and turn them toward the ‘great outdoors’. Usually in a space not far away from the school buildings, snow-chasing offers a deceitfully difficult workout. It looks easy enough, but you try running in snow for 15mins in all that gear and see how you feel after just one session!

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Our main point here is that physical education goes hand in hand with good nutrition. All over the world, different approaches are being taken to ensure that students enjoy and benefit from their time at school. The good news is that making healthier choices doesn’t always have to be boring. Share your best memories from phys-ed with us and your story could be featured, too!