Inspiring healthy eating in children

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Approximately 14% of South African primary school students are overweight. The shocking statistic has been overlooked by hundreds of thousands of families, to date, which is why we’re sharing these super-easy ways to inspire your children to make healthier choices. Don’t forget to share this and help improve the quality of life for as many people as you can.

Today’s challenge for most families is to find the time to make better choices about nutrition. In most families, it requires the efforts of two parents to work and earn enough to make ends meet, and what is affordable is not always the most nutritious solution. School and work lunches become difficult when they take time to prepare, and the same goes for dinner.

Healthy eating, lunchbox ideas

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Three ways to triumph over cravings for sweet treats actually involve leading by example, and simply inviting your children into the kitchen:

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  1.  Grow your own

    It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate. Take your child’s bean sprout project and pop it into an old chipped mug or coffee can with some potting soil and pop it onto a window sill or near a doorway: in a few weeks you’ll have organically grown produce!

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  2.  Team up to throw down

    It’s messy fun when you call for back-up, but it’s so important if you want to inspire healthy eating. If you give your children the chance to look at, touch, taste, and feel the fresh ingredients and the different ways to prepare them, you’ll be creating an experience known as ‘learning through playing’. Building on from point 1, if you and your kids grow food together, you’ll be sharing an appreciation of the work going into each ingredient: a victory and surefire way to elevate your child’s respect for food.

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  3.  Eat the rainbow

    This is a world-famous saying that often gets ignored. As your child learns colours, let him/her learn to associate those with great-tasting veggies. Make it easy for him/her to ‘eat the rainbow’ by slicing fruit or veg into crudites and tossing a wholesome dip like hummus or cream cheese into his/her lunchbox.