High Court ends illegal church activity

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Mayor Herman Mashaba’s administration has, once more, been praised for following up on community calls to end the operation of an illegal church in Yeoville, Johannesburg. Referring the matter to the South Gauteng High Court, after previous attempts to resolve the issue remained futile, resulted in a ruling which brought relief and peace of mind to many residents in the residential suburb. Mayor Mashaba communicated an official statement during the early evening of Wednesday 17 May 2017:

“Whilst the City believes in promoting and protecting the religious practices of all our residents, such cannot come at the expense of the rule of law within the City.” – Mayor H. Mashaba

Residents of Yeoville initially submitted individual complaints to the City of Johannesburg, relating to loud music which had disturbed the peace in the area at unreasonable hours. Learning of, not one but several, illegal churches operating from residential buildings, government officials and law enforcement officers worked together to investigate and bring evidence before the courts. Working alongside officials, residents displayed patience, trust and respect for the rule of law within the city suburb and have now achieved success in rooting out wayward activities. 

Yeoville, Illegal church, High court rules in favour of community

Continuing in his official statement, Mayor Mashaba took the opportunity to mention that the City of Johannesburg had allocated more than R30m for the training and employment of over 1500 Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) officers. Confident that the additional visible policing and law enforcement capacity will have a positive effect on the frequency of illegal activities, Mayor Mashaba also assured residents of the changing tides:

“Under the new administration, the City is determined to bring contraveners of building and land-use regulations such as Mr Marcella to book as part of our plan to revitalise the inner city.”

Today’s court ruling is a victory for the community of Yoeville, and indeed, the rule of law in our City.”  – Mayor Mashaba

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