HDB Africa to drive change across South Africa

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Creating a better tomorrow, today, is the common ground on which HDB Africa, a non-profit company has been founded, in order to drive tangible and sustainable positive change among South African youth. Inspired by the teachings and daily practices of the Mahatria Ra, a group of determined and experienced South Africans have come together for a common selfless purpose, with the ardent support of the Mahatria.

Following a profound keynote address by Dr Vasu Gounden, Founder and Executive Director of ACCORD, an audience of highly influential individuals in public and private sectors found themselves acutely aware of the challenges and opportunities which face South African communities, and with an opportunity to acquire the skills to create significant change. Emerging as one of the key issues in South Africa is the nation’s skills shortage, and HDB Africa not only called upon key members of society to develop a discourse around the subject, but to commit to an action plan which would guarantee change.

The Mahatria Ra, a world-renowned spiritual guru, will be partnering with the leaders of the HDB Africa to facilitate the first retreat later this year, in KZN, aimed at equipping the influential members of society with the skills necessary to effect change within their communities, social circles and various audiences. As proven by the Mahatria’s outstanding international track record with schools and business organisations, it is clear that South Africans have much to gain by committing to such a programme: increased pass rates with a clear sense of purpose and drive, improved productivity and individual well-being.

To learn more or pledge your support for this unique initiative, we encourage you to contact Mr Henry Reddy, one of the Co-Founders and Executive Directors of HDB Africa.

Henry Reddy: +2782 485 9342