Evasive tactics help Porsche driver escape hijacking

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While it’s tough to comprehend the crime statistics, South Africans prove every now and then that we are not entirely a nation of push-overs. One such Porsche driver in Johannesburg evaded what could have been a nightmare by employing quick thinking and the right set of actions. Watch the video and share to help save the lives of your loved ones – this could inspire quick thinking in other would-be victims. 

Evasive and defensive driving are tactics that South Africans are encouraged to pick up through the K53 driving syllabus, but the only test we have is in real life. This Porsche driver can be seen slowly pulling into a driveway, clearly aware of a suspicious vehicle following suit. When an armed hijacker exits the pursuing vehicle to run toward the Porsche, the Porsche driver reacted instinctively and with speed.

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Image source: Intelligence Bureau

Reversing quickly back into the road, the front of the Porsche clipped the rear of the hijackers’ vehicle, stunning the hijackers for a fraction of a second, allowing the Porsche to drive off at speed, leaving the criminals behind. It’s a scary moment to comprehend, and we believe that every driver needs to know what can be done even when seemingly cornered this way. Well done to the Porsche driver, who narrowly escaped a nasty situation thanks to quick instincts!

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