Entire house ‘printed’ in less than 24hrs

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No matter where in the world, building a house is both an exciting time and an operational nightmare. Well, maybe until now. San Francisco-based company, Apis Cor, recently 3D-printed a 400m² home in Russia in 24hrs. Including a full hall, bathroom, living room and compact kitchen, as well as modern Samsung appliances, this printed home is a pioneer of the built environment.

Apis Cor’s specialty is mobile 3D-printing construction. To produce a building which meets regulatory requirements, the concrete mixture is calibrated as the ink pigment. Durable and cost-effective, buildings by Apis Cor’s advanced technology are expected to last 175 years without requiring major repairs and maintenance. At a cost of approximately R200k, 3D-printing construction could revolutionise the way developers view other projects such as housing, schools and hospitals.