Eastern Cape educators receive digital tools

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Determined to bounce back from its last-place ranking in South African education, the Eastern Cape (EC) government has collaborated with Vodacom to roll out a multimillion rand project. The process will see that over 5 000 school principals receive laptops and speedsticks with data plans. To ensure the effective use of these new resources, the EC government has also scheduled computer training for educators of all levels.

For teachers and learners, the use of tablets and mobile smartphones will be encouraged on an ongoing basis. The efforts to strengthen knowledge of content and contemporary era skill sets are supported by thousands of community members, who have expressed utter delight in the opportunity to keep pace with modern society. The benefits of the programme now include paperless teaching methods, which will result in learners and educators being less dependent on actual textbook shipments as well as a reduction in long-term running costs. 

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A graphic released by Vodacom in the Eastern Cape outlined the magnitude of the project, set to optimise the classroom environment by offering both teachers and learners the chance to access information in real time through workplace tools which students need exposure to:

Laptops, Digital Technology, Eastern Cape, The Good News Company

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One of the ecstatic recipients mentioned in a brief interview, “We are going to try by all means to use them, not to just keep them there to look good.” Once basic training across all information communication technology is complete, the EC Department of Education will be in a better position to focus on execution of higher quality teaching.

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