Crowdfunding campaign helps fund restoration of sight

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South Africans are rallying behind Storm Schwartz, a young man who completely lost his vision yet continued to inspire others. A crowd-funding campaign sparked hope for Schwartz as people donate selflessly toward a procedure for restoring his vision.

Begun by Peter Buchner, who met Schwartz years ago, the crowd-funding campaign also brings awareness for other Retinitis Pigmentosa patients.  Despite his daily challenges, Schwartz continued to reach out and inspire the best in youth around him. He completed high-school by memory and also served as a telephone exchange operator. He later ventured into FMCG by launching his own biltong brand.

A company known as Second Sight now offers Schwartz hope for the restoration of his vision, as they declare him fit for the medical procedure. South Africans are banding together to support Schwartz and chip in toward the cost of the surgery. What makes it a costly affair is the technology is new to the market, involving visual prosthesis, and has not yet been mass produced.

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