Changing the immigration landscape: Sayu Bhojwani

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Her voice, the hope and determination of thousands. Her actions, the opportunity for thousands more to come. Sayu Bhojwani has established herself as a key driving force in training immigrants to run for public office in the United States of America. Her work as New York City’s first Commissioner of Immigrant Affairs and the Founder of South Asian Youth Action and The New American Leaders Project have created a pathway for positive change and the increase in diversity throughout the American political landscape.

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Bhojwani’s perspective on true diversity in leadership, native and immigrant rights and opportunities, as well as her extensive research on these issues, has led her to become a symbol of hope through the current immigration tensions in the USA. As she acknowledges the fear-mongering and extremism rising within American society, she addresses these concerns with thoroughly devised action plans which lay out the benefits for both citizens and immigrants. Many immigrants heading into the US have sought her assistance, not only for the opportunity to receive a seat at the decision-makers’ table but to gain a deeper understanding of the political and economic landscape and how to face a fresh start with confidence.