Cape Town to host Green Building Convention

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Building upon its elite status as Africa’s best city for business tourism, Cape Town is set to welcome delegates to the 2017 Green Building Convention. Between 9-11 October, the 10th annual conference will see some of South Africa’s foremost experts on sustainability come together in the Mother City. The local building industry has much to gain from this special edition of the GBC, as South Africa faces unprecedented environmental challenges.

As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Former conventions have highlighted the benefits of revolutionary materials and traditional building methods such as soilcrete and rammed earth. Soilcrete is a composite mixture which takes on the qualities of compressive strength in concrete as well as the low-emission volume capacity of natural soil, already used to fill foundation trenches. Rammed earth involves erecting shutterboards, using machinery or basic compression tools and human force, to ram multiple layers of natural earth into the shapes of walls.

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Image source: GBCSA

Not only will materials and practices be highlighted for discussion, but so too will leading sustainability firms and clientele. In past years, companies like Nedbank, First National Bank and RewardsCo have seen their buildings added to the list of Certified Projects on the GBC’s public access system. The Architects, Engineers and Contractors related to the projects have been permitted opportunities to share their successful approaches to sustainable design at previous conventions and the 10th installment is said to bring the real modern heroes into the spotlight.

Image source: GBCSA

Finally, the GBC will reflect upon initiatives undertaken across South Africa, with regard to improving sustainability at all levels of society. Projects related to Urban and Town Planning, Reconstruction and Development Programmes (RDP) as well as Traffic Management (and the adaptation of South Africa’s road networks and infrastructure) all come into play during various seminars. In order to set the tone for the following year of trade, the pros and cons of previously executed work must be examined by the collective pool of experts.