Blitzboks crowned as world champs

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Scooping the World Champions title, along with the Paris Sevens championship title, the Blitzboks have made South Africa the proudest rugby nation this weekend. Striking back against Scotland, with brute force, the bokke made sure that their initial defeat was not going to be repeated. Following strong performances in Dubai, Las Vegas and and Sydney, the Paris tournament took the Blitzboks to a margin lead of 34 points!

Sharing the mountain of praise and accolades with each other, the team displayed an outstanding example of the spirit of Ubuntu. Coach, Neil Powell, expressed his unending gratitude for the consistent hard work his team have put into the World Rugby Sevens series, and to the fans at the tournaments and those rooting from home.  With only the London tournament left in the series, the Blitzboks have the potential to create the greatest margin lead in the tournament’s history. 

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Image source: Yahoo Sports

In addition to being crowned champs, Powell also became the first person to win as both a player and a coach. Since his role as a player, beneath coach Paul Treu in 2009, he says the pressure is definitely on and the win now washes him with relief, not just a warm fuzzy feeling of winning. Leading the same team to victory as a coach means everything to Powell and he added that there is every intention of striving for “the perfect game” for the last leg of the series.