A look inside the Litterati

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Inspired by an earnest reaction from his daughter on a family outing, Jeff Kirschner used his Instagram account to document his journey of picking up litter for several weeks. After speaking openly about his endeavour, he gained popularity among the Instagram community – not only among environmentalists, but artists and other influencers too. Kirschner’s unique ability to see opportunity where others hadn’t, led him to creating his own mobile application and build the multinational social enterprise that is, today, known as Litterati.

Kirschner’s original use of Instagram data, such as profiling, hash-tagging, geo-tagging and time-stamps led him to create an application that assisted the city of San Francisco fight and win a court case against big tobacco companies who claimed that a sin-tax was unlawfully applied, due to a lack of measurable evidence. His application can now accurately display data regarding active countries and what kinds of litter are being picked up all over the world: plastic, rubber, paper – he even narrows it down to the brands we see most often, to let businesses use this information in improving their operation.

The Litterati app is available for download on iOS and is soon coming to Android. It’s also family-friendly, so you have one more really cool way to keep the kids active and entertained, while helping a good cause.

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