650 students with new bikes

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Katie Blomquist, a passionate educator in South Carolina, USA, has become a hero to 650 students who attend Pepperhill Elementary School in North Charleston. Blomquist’s selflessness has resulted in an entire school student body receiving brand new bicycles, and she couldn’t have achieved this feat without the generosity of her crowd-funding investors.

Blomquist, in her tenure as a teacher, came to the realisation that her students didn’t really experience the full wonder of childhood. Working toward a positive change, she decided that she would begin a crowd-funding campaign which would help her provide brand new bicycles to each student from a low-income family, giving them the chance to marvel at their very own sense of mobility in their neighbourhoods. What began as a small gesture of good will, spiralled into a miraculous movement which proved that there are people willing to dig deep for the happiness of children.

Unveiling the bikes, The Good News Company

Unveiling the bikes. As seen on: Bicyling.com

“Over the years, after talking with students, I have come to the realisation many have never ridden a bike nor do they have the means to own a bike, especially one that is new,” says Katie. “I soon began to envision how each student’s quality of life could improve if they had more freedom to ride around their neighbourhoods.”

Today, each of the 650 students at Pepperhill have their very own bicycles, bike locks and helmets: far more than Blomquist originally hoped to provide! Her ‘GoFundMe’ campaign has blossomed into a youth-oriented non-profit organisation: Going Places. Looking beyond the joy that a simple bicycle can bring to her students, she now has a team to support her endeavors to help students access swimming lessons and summer camps to boost their early-age development. 

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