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Our last blog post covered the importance of physical activity, and what interesting ways schools all over the world encouraged it. We understand that not everyone has the time to spare to get dressed and drive over to the gym, or schedule in a morning run before reaching the taxi or bus rank in time. To make healthy living even easier for you, we’ve put together our favourite 5min workouts so you can stay active wherever you are:

1- Seated knee raises

Try these on the bus or at your desk; a great way to exercise your hamstrings and glutes and get the blood ¬†flowing. Also great for exercise on long flights, perfect if you’re a jet-setting business professional!

5min workout, knee raises

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2- Jumping jacks

If you’ve got some space in front of your desk, or it’s your job to let the dogs out in the morning, this is perfect. Not only will you be working your arms and legs, but you’ll get your heart rate up a bit and feel totally energised!

Image source: Fit Day

3-Table stretch

This one originates with the ancient practice of yoga. It forms part of the famous Sun Salutation ritual which usually begins any yoga class, to stretch the body from the neck down to the ankles. In this stretch, you’ll be strengthening your back and your calf muscles, as well as your arms (when outstretched in the perpendicular ‘table’ position).

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4- Planking

We’re sure you’ve heard of and seen this exercise. Don’t underestimate it! Try to hold a basic plank for 20s with a 10s rest period and repeat just 3 times… let us know when you feel the fire in your core muscles.

Image source: Daily Burn

The good news is that these exercises won’t take more than 5mins on their own, and if you have a chance, you could actually put them together to give you a 10-15min workout, depending on the reps and sets you’d like to challenge yourself with. No special equipment or insane gym membership fee – just quick, easy and effective 5min workouts. Try it out and let us know which were your favourites, or even submit your own ideas and stand the chance of being featured too!

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