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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Mayor Mashaba’s hands-on approach

South Africa has recently experienced a strong wave of political movements, in the form of marches, protests and demonstrations. With all of the action, there are day-to-day duties which still need attention. Mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba, took to the streets and helped his operational

HDB Africa to drive change across South Africa

Creating a better tomorrow, today, is the common ground on which HDB Africa, a non-profit company has been founded, in order to drive tangible and sustainable positive change among South African youth. Inspired by the teachings and daily practices of the Mahatria Ra, a group

Sweden opens world’s first recycling mall

ReTuna Aterbruksgalleria, named after the Swedish town in which it was built, sells only recycled or repaired products. The mall combines a recycling plant and shopping facility which encourage local residents to donate items they no longer use. In exchange, shoppers may comb through the length