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Monthly Archives: February 2017

First ever Braille smartwatch

South Korean company, Dot, has produced the world’s first Braille smartwatch, and it is remarkable. The watch has four cells, each consisting of tiny mobile components, and offers features such as call answering, text messaging and Google Maps navigation. It can also connect to your smartphone

Finally, a newspaper you can plant.

100% sustainable, a Japanese national daily newspaper company has developed a material that is printable and extremely eco-friendly. Mainichi Shimbunsha, national newspaper, has introduced the world to ‘Green Newspaper’ that can be planted into the ground as a form of disposal. While the concept is

A different kind of delivery man

A man in Kenya’s Tsavo West National Park is being hailed a hero for traveling hundreds of kilometers every day to deliver fresh water to animals in need. “There is completely no water, so the animals are depending on humans. If we don’t help them, they

Surfing off the streets and into the record books

Alfonso Peters, 27, will head to the World Surf League Men’s and Women’s Longboard International Event in Papua New Guinea in March 2017. Winning the Tiger’s Milk Winter Classic longboarding competition in 2016, Peters surpassed two-time world champion (also from SA), Matthew Moir. Peters originally hails from

SA champ breaks record over transatlantic

On February 15, 2017 at 12:00pm, Chris Bertish, internationally acclaimed Speaker, Big Wave Surfer and Guinness SUP World Record Holder, set a new world record for his 24-hour solo, unsupported and unassisted, open ocean distance of 50.03nm. Chris’ journey began two weeks ago when he