1000 acres to help the honey bee

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The 1000 Acre Pollinator initiative is a direct result of growing and shared concerns of the Monarch Research Project and Cedar Rapids Park in Iowa, USA. Having secured $180 000 in funding for the project, the park Superintendent, Daniel Gibbins, believes that a positive impact can be made to slow down and even reverse the decline of the honey bee population.

Encouraging local businesses and private landowners to join the movement in even a small way, Gibbins believes that native vegetation can be revived and reverse the negative effect which monoculture and decades of shortsighted agribusiness had left on the region. Confident that, in the future, up to 10 000 acres of land could be included in the dedicated pollinator protection zone, Gibbins mentioned the positive impact the project would also have on birds, amphibians and reptiles all endemic to their region.